Mish Mash Uganda: A fusion of arrogance and plain stupidity

Although I work in Rwanda as a freelance writer/journalist, I regularly return to Uganda to visit my family and friends or to attend to different social of work related engagements. .

The seventh day of the month of June found me in Kampala. I received a text message from a friend, Moses Serugo who asked whether I could make it to town for a brief meeting with a PR friend of his. I responded in the affirmative and quickly set off for the city centre.

We met at around 10am and set off to meet his friend who works in Kololo. After the meeting, I asked Moses to accompany me to Mish Mash, an arts-themed club located on plot 28, Acacia avenue. I’d been told that I could buy some nice T-Shirtsfrom their crafts shop.

The shirt that I wanted to buy from the craft shop at Mish Mash

We walked to the place that was less than 100 meters away, and told the security guard what we wanted and he waved us on. When we got inside we asked the lady at the counter about the T-shirts designed by Green Backlight and she assured us they were available.
There was only one small problem; the shop would not be open until 11am (it was about 15minutes to 11am). We asked the lady if it was ok for us to sit and wait for the shop to open instead of leaving and returning later and she said there no problem in that.

So we sat quietly and Moses started telling me how amazing the place was, thanks to its regular art festivals, concerts and movie nights. Then as we sat there constantly checking our watches, a white lady (Genevieve) who I was told is one of the owners of the place sauntered in from one side of the establishment.

She walked to the counter and was soon involved in a light argument with a male staff member over something to do with a beer that had not been registered in the records of the bar. I jokingly told Moses that it must be hard working in this place as the owner was a strict person (nothing wrong about that).

Shortly thereafter, Genevieve approached us and greeted us and we responded aptly. She then asked how she could be of help, and we told her that actually we were just waiting for the craft shop to open (it was now a mere 5minutes to 11).

Genevieve then informed us that Mish Mash does not open until 12pm and that we were not even supposed to be there. We took the time to explain to her how exactly we came to be inside the establishment before the time she was talking about but she started raising her voice claiming we had forced ourselves in after ignoring a sign at the entrance that read 12pm as the opening time.

Moses assured her that there was no way we could have forced ourselves in yet there was a security guard at the entrance whom we had talked to before proceeding inside. Shockingly Genevieve was having none of it even after we reminded her that after getting past the gate, another of her staff members (lady at the counter) had kindly allowed us to sit and wait for the craft shop to open.

She persistently claimed that we had simply disrespected the sign at the entrance and forced ourselves in. After more back and forth arguments she grudgingly agreed to open the shop for us to buy what we wanted but as she moved to get the keys to the shop, a gentleman, Adam, who I later told was Genevieve’s hubby and a co-owner of the place appeared wearing shorts and a T-Shirt.

He inquired from her about what was going on but she just said, “It’s fine, I am opening for them the craft shop.” As we walked towards the shop, Moses softly exclaimed, “Mish Mash, good Lord!” That is when Adam literally charged towards Moses and said, “Mish Mash what? Mish Mash what? We are racist, is that it?” To which Moses replied, “Who said anything about being racist?”

Adam asked us whether we could just walk into any establishment before it was open. I reminded him that we had actually not just walked in as he was implying and that we had had this whole argument with Genevieve and we’d reached an agreement that she was to open the shop so we could buy what we wanted and then leave.

That is when Genevieve (in a rather patronizing tone) quipped, “It’s fine, we are here to support Ugandan art & crafts and we are opening the shop for you.” My reading of this was that by opening up a small club in Kampala, Adam and Genevieve saw themselves as saviours of the Ugandan art and crafts industry.

As Adam and Genevieve went on and on about how Mish Mash does not open before 12pm, I pointed out to them that the craft shop that is inside the establishment had 11am as it opening time clearly displayed on the shop’s door. Genevieve then run to the door and ripped off the “Open@ 11am” notice and screamed “Not anymore!”

Anyway, at exactly 11am, the girl who works in the craft shop showed up and we were let in. I then proceeded to check out the shirts as Moses assured Adam that there was no point in continuing with the complaints now that the shop had been opened. He assured him that we were not going to be long since we knew what we wanted.

As I tried on one of the shirts to see if it fit just fine, the security guard came into the shop and said, “Gentlemen I kindly beg you to leave because my boss is complaining a lot. I do not want to lose my job.” We informed him that actually the same boss(es) had opened and allowed us into the shop so there was nothing to worry about. However he pleaded that for the sake of his job we should leave immediately.

By now I had had enough of it and decided against paying for the shirt. I put it back and told Moses that we should leave for two reasons. 1. To save the guard from losing his job over a stupid incident and 2. I was not comfortable spending my money while being treated like trash. After all, the shirt was not a freebie. I was going to pay 30,000 Uganda shillings (about $12) for it without bargaining.

We finally left the place and on our way out we saw the small notice that read 12pm as the opening time. It is actually interesting that the sign at the entrance read 12pm yet the one inside at the shop read 11am and on their website the opening time is still written as 11am. Actually 11am is mentioned twice on the home page of their website.

Please note that I have just checked their website and the mentions of 11am have been changed to read midday - 23:22 Ugandan time. Interestingly the contacts page still shows 11am as the opening hours.]

At the beginning of the year there were reports of “racist” or plain abusive acts by the owners of Mish Mash circulating on Facebook and Twitter. A quick check on the Time Line of their Twitter Handle (@mishmashuganda) reveals that most of February was spent responding to these racist claims from different people.

Personally, I do not think that Adam and Genevieve Williams, (I am told one is British while the other is Australian) the owners of Mish Mash are racist but I am damn right sure they are very rude and very stupid. And I would not bet my life savings on them not being racist either.
I tweeted about this incident yesterday and I must admit I was overwhelmed by the numerous responses from people claiming that the Williams are not the best mannered people out there. I am also very certain that I will not be going back to Mish Mash ever again. Like Moses tweeted soon after the incident, I am also persona non grata henceforth. I am so done with Mish Mash.

About Allan Ssenyonga

I am a Ugandan freelance writer/journalist based in Kigali, Rwanda. I have an insatiable desire for understanding and trying to explain media, political, cultural and social dynamics.
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214 Responses to Mish Mash Uganda: A fusion of arrogance and plain stupidity

  1. lindsey says:

    You should read what they did to me on my blog….genevieve plain threw me out like so much rubbish. Then sent a message telling me to come back and pay my bill :-)

  2. echwaluphotography says:

    Allan, its unfortunate to hear this about Mish Mash. I’ve been there once but only for 2 minutes. Luckily, I didn’t go through what you guys had to contend with.

    “Mish Mash what? Mish Mash what? We are racist, is that it?” this statement is testimony enough that Adam and Genevieve know exactly the perception that has been going around about Mish Mash. And it’s so absurd that Adam could respond like that instead of trying so hard to change the negative perception that is slowly killing its business among the local customers.

    Yes, he could boast of having a different (white) clientele to sustain the business but they should know that they are operating in a country where “Who know who” can swing into action.

    Any business is about honesty, respect and fairness. I hope these two wake up pretty soon to exercise these very simple and important ingredients.
    On a personal note too, I don’t think I can go back to that place. If I am to, certainly not a coin will be let out.

  3. O'lee says:

    Wooow, I’ve never been to MishMash, I don’t think I want to anymore. Thank you for the heads-up :)

  4. Atheist says:

    Allan, not just Mish mash, go to Java cafes especially the one at Bombo Road city oil,you will see how foreign idiots behave against indigenous local people. The whites feel superior because we have allowed them to treat us like that. If I were you,I wouldn’t even spend five minutes there.

    • juliacorbett says:

      It’s such a shame, Atheist, that you stoop to the same level as a racist by generalising the behaviour of this couple as the behaviour of “the whites”. It is also a shame that you tar all black people from many different countries (I’m assuming that if you’re referring to ‘whites’ then the ‘us’ is referring to black people) with the brush of being stupid enough to allow others to treat them badly. I don’t think that the many respected black role models of contemporary history or today would appreciate your comment or your attitude. Let’s not confuse the condemnation of racism in certain individuals with condemnation of an entire race, which in itself is racism. I should also note that the author has stated that he is not convinced that this couple are racist.

      • Hudson says:

        guys not all whites are racists…I intend to pay a visit to Mish Mash before 12PM and see for myself if what this chap says is true

      • tristan says:

        @Juliacorbett the author stated that he is not convinced that the couple are racist but wouldnt bet his life saving on it. heheheh too bad you couldnt get the joke memo hehehe

      • juliacorbett says:

        I got the point, thanks, no need to be rude. I had given Allan the benefit of the doubt as he seemed to be making it clear that this post was not about racism, despite his pointing out at the very beginning that it was a WHITE woman who came out. If this post had truly only been about customer service, the colour of skin of any person involved wouldn’t have been relevant. In my opinion, people sometimes forget that it is part of human nature to feel more affinity to those with whom you share things in common. This, however, is not racism. I also think that reacting to racism by inciting hatred, violence or any negative feelings only perpetuates the problem. I feel that we should educate people in the best way to behave with our own example; by showing tolerance, forgiveness and explaining our views rationally.

      • Shivan says:

        Juliacobertt, They are both racists and rude fools, my friend was at mish mash sitted taking his drinks, only to be told to get off the seat for other people (They were whites by the way). Am sure i dont need to remind you that this is our country, you cant treat us like crap, just a brief example: During the mabira saga, some indians lost their lives because Mehta was insisting on cutting down the forest for his sugarcanes even after the Kabaka of Buganda had given him land, he refused it or mabira…. am not happy because innocent people lost their lives… no no but my point is this there are so many complaints about mish mash and if it doesnt change, wait and see what happens!

  5. Black Dahlia says:

    Based on everything I’ve read about these people, my assessment is the same as your. They may not be racists, but they are certainly douche bags. Good piece, and good for you for not buying the shirt. That poor guard – I do hope he wasn’t fired.

    • I also hope he was spared. I later bought two nice shirts from a street art festival that was held on Mackinon road in Nakasero.

      • Ronald says:

        I also bought over ten tees from the street festival from whites and they were the opposite of the rude and imposing douche bags Allan has described

      • skaheru says:

        I believe he was spared – I found him there last Sunday and allowed him to join a debate we needed to have over whether the kitchen and, indeed, the entire establishment were open or not – he had ushered us in without question while another employee hopped down to the gate to check what opening times were written there…deja vu.

  6. Phyllis says:

    And while we are on this topic may someone please talk about racism @ that dirty cayenne thing where they have flies hovering over our food?????

  7. Walkonby says:

    That settles it, another location added to my ‘Don’t Bother Visiting’ List. Thanks for the heads up.
    Make no excuse for bad behaviour.

  8. andrew roberts says:

    Have heard so many racist stories of this place. Its sad some people feel saviors in a foreign land where they are actually earning a living!

  9. qatahar says:

    allan, good you even had the time to respond to those incessant chaps, i cut my poem recitals from there over similar incidents and i guess it’s high time we put barriers on their abusive acts.

  10. alex says:

    ur a very patient man. i would have stormed out of that place way earlier than u did…if i chose to stay any longer it would probably be coz i was looking for a fight

  11. Rachel says:

    Everytime i drive by Mish Mash, i am thinking that i should try out the place because i have never been there, and looks like i wont be going there ever. Mish Mash better straighten up because some new place will be coming up soon and knowing my fellow Ugandan ilk, we just love new places.

  12. Brian says:

    sorry about what you guys went through but those are the so called investors that we have. imagine they think and feel they are the only one promoting uganda’s art and craft. has it ever happened to them that they are not monopoly in this industry.

    this is embarrassing. it is oweful.

  13. tanya Love says:

    what is it with mish mash? everyn seems to have a complaint…something better be done soon

  14. Gloria says:

    personally i think there should be a campaign for the both of them to leave Uganda !!

  15. Am thinking I will go with a talentedly quarelsome friend and another who can throw a really good punch. Then Genevieve and Adam would get what’s been long coming to them

  16. bluepetalz says:

    Just to say, everyone on this blog sounds as unconsciously racist as the Mish-Mash owners.

    • White peep says:

      Ironic, isnt it?

      • White peep, sounding racist was not my objective and those who have commented have done so at their choosing. My blog is clear, despite all the racist stories that may be going around, the incident that happened to me was not one of racism but simply a lousy attitude. Something that does not take skin colour but suspending thinking to happen.

      • bluepetalz says:

        Yeah! Something needs to be done on both fronts. otherwise everyone will hate everyone and what good is there in that, now?

      • White peep says:

        I cant reply to you, for some reason Allan.

        That was not what I meant. I have no problem with anything you said, it was, like you said, the replies of others.

        No love lost! :)

  17. Elvis Nekyon says:

    OMG! Whatever happened to the British manners? As for Aussies(their origin is known to us), may God keep them. Uganda doesn’t need such “investors” otherwise we might end up like our neighbour, Kenya

  18. skaheru says:

    Okay, here’s two views fused into one (the theme sticks): I first heard about the racism complaints after I’d already been to Mish Mash once or twice and experienced nothing of the kind – but my burliness and impatience could have had something to do with nobody trying that with me. The fourth time I went over, a fellow in shorts (who I seem to recall disclaimed being owner in the few minutes we chatted) was quite polite and obliging even though it was he who struck up the small talk as he set up for an event they were hosting that evening.
    When I called them over the phone one day to confirm that the kids eat free on Sundays, the fellow on the other end (obviously British-ish) was extremely polite and helpful in spite of the thickness of my Runyoro (ahem) accent and my name – he did not at all try to discourage me from bringing my brood over.
    I’ve seen the lady owner hovering about a couple of times and heard her from a distance being a little sharp with one staff member who probably deserved it, but luckily for all involved, I wasn’t.
    The food was good (very good), the decor is extremely interesting, and the concept is fun and artsy.
    Truth be told, the reports of rudeness seem more accurate than those of racism, but whenever a white person is rude to a black person it sometimes is referred to as ‘racism’.
    I know of a couple of places that have personnel and managers who are much more rude but wouldn’t get called racist.
    And I also know of places where the people are extremely polite and totally prejudiced in their handling of people of different races.
    But sticking to Mish Mash, the tale above confirms the “stupid” but not necessarily the “racist”.

    • Thank you for your response, indeed my problem was and is with the stupid. To me it was lack of common sense in a simple situation. Nothing to do with skin colour. I am glad we concur. And you are right about the place looking very impressive. That is a fact.

    • bluepetalz says:

      May I also add to the owner off the blog that I am so thankful he stubbornly refused to publish my post (and i am being sarcastic here) but that it is okay. It is his blog and he chooses what he “likes”. In the future however, if you really want to get to the bottom of things try and be much more open-minded when it comes to listening to other people’s views.

      It may be that you have not implied anyone as being racist but “stupid”, however there is a lot of racism insinuated in the manner with which you put your points across. Therefore I shall simply re-post what was not published here:

      “It is funny how everyone on this blog is as unconsciously racist as the owners of Mish-Mash.”


  19. Kampala is a fast growing metropolitan going through P.U.B.E.R.T.Y! Yes, Puberty! Investors, BEWARE! The 90’s are looooong gone.

  20. White peep says:

    White peeps?
    LOL. . . . . beautiful how you makwe yourself guilty of EXACTLY what you’re ranting on about.

    • Richard says:

      Nice one. In Africa we have a saying that goes, as you point at someone, one finger blames the person you are accusing, the thumb blames the heavens, but three fingers blame you.

    • Becky says:

      she didnt say white peeps,she said peeps and mentioned the 2 guards with contradictory stories ,it was the whole incident that was horrid.I understand Mr white peep trying to stand up for your fellow white peeps but this incident happened and I was there waiting for the band to play,Baaza is talking about the people being unhelpful and making accusations ,from the clearly Ugandan guards to the top management.They r ranting about how the situation was handled,nothing more..the way u seem to understand the story is different and u ought to be embarrassed.

  21. TK says:

    Ok…so Mish Mash is OUT for me! I hate bazungu like this, they give the whole race a bad name!!!

  22. Sophie Alal says:

    Reblogged this on The Stray Bulletin and commented:
    Interesting dynamics.

  23. Alfred says:

    I went there once and the cold treatment I got was enough to convince me not to bother venturing there again. However after reading this post from Allan I must say I’m provoked to go there and pray that they treat me in even the slightest of racist ways, and they will receive what they didnt anticipate when they were setting up shop. Its a favorite hobby of mine, everytime i encounter these racist colonial hang-over (a la Okello Oryem) types. I guarantee you that if they try that sh** when I’m there they will be closed for at least a week. Matako just. Msssscccchhheeeewww!

  24. Sounds as if they are transferring some domestic disagreements into the business arena!

    • Carol says:

      Stephen, this is exacly what i was looking for as i was going thru the comments…80% chances it’s the reason.

  25. Assad says:

    Personally, I really don’t care for rude foreigners! It’s like having a rude visitor in your home; It just doesn’t cut it! I feel if someone is in your backyard, they should by default behave politely; even if it’s against their very nature. If a foreigner behaves with impunity towards indigenous people anywhere in the world; in the indigenous people’s backyard, it means he doesn’t rate them that much! More like a visitor making eyes to his guest’s wife!! Haven’t been to Mish Mash to party personally; only for a Nissan event! Guess I will skip it altogether

    • tristan says:

      Assad thats so true when a guest you should be as polite as you can be reminds of when a few Ugandan friends who have travelled to the UK to study and becoz it not their country they behave well even alow people to be racist, rude and unwelcoming to them and because they know its not their country and cant set rules on another persons turf they simply let it go. people then accuse of them of being softies, introverts and not confident but its only because they have been taught, if you are a guest be polite for its not your home.

  26. Mary says:

    It makes me sad that the behavior of a few stupid white people leads you to this general conclusions about white people.
    I did not come to live in Uganda because I want a cheap living and because I can’t afford to live in my home country. I also did not come to live in Uganda because I want to exploit locals.
    I chose to live in Uganda because I simply fell in love with the country and it’s people.
    And believe me, there are a lot of white idiots in Uganda. BUT there’s also plenty of black idiots there. Color doesn’t matter here.

    • Mary my post is very clear, it is not about them being white but stupid. I know so many white people who are not like Adam and Genevieve (or the way they behaved that day).

      • Mary says:

        Allen, I’m sorry. My post was supposed to be a reply to another post about white people coming to life a cheap life on account of the locals. Something like that. But I can’t find the post anymore, guess it was deleted.

      • Yes it has been deleted because it was clearly offensive.

      • Mark Ruhindi says:

        Some people here are confusing bad customer care with racism and ending up sounding outright racist and somehow stupid which is absurd

      • Titty says:

        to me both racism and bad customer care at Mish Mash go hand in hand; hw come a certain race is not treated tht way. Visit fb page ‘muzungus in Uganda’ opened by Adam and Gen(MishMash owners) folks r warned against employing Ugandans and transacting business with them. Yes…..u must be one of those that dunno of such things happening around us. I’ll not take shit in my own country.

    • Moses says:

      I like the way you reasoned it out Mary. Generalization is killing us here in Uganda

    • lyn says:

      you are right mary…

    • tristan says:

      mary you came to Uganda and fell i love with the pace and the people. so they happen to be pelnty black idiot around if you dont like it then go home. what Mary you do forget i that these black idiots call this home and home is where every person has a right to state or make their rules. in this case Adam and Gene being Rude to Ugandan in Uganda i rude, stupid and take the fact tht their are guest for granted because the way allan was treated in uganda is also the way he might get treated in the Uk but he wont complain for its nt his home and the idiots there have their rules.
      personally i was taught racist or not please respect, be polite when visiting for its not your home.

      • kevin kusiima says:

        Did u even understand what Mary said. She said there r plenty of both white and black idiots and that colour doesn’t matter. Why do some people only read what they want and disregard the rest. GOD!

      • Mary says:

        Kevin, people tend to only read what they want to read. Same with understanding.

    • jackielutty says:

      we the people make the country Uganda, Please if you cant treat us well, then you clearly dont like Uganda. Who ever own MISHMASH needs JESUS..jeez!!!
      just feel sad for everyone who has had to tolerate such stupidity, even a baby can know that, it is wrong, a customer is the king, irrespective of their color, am suprised those holigans still have the audacity to speak.
      P.S..Get the hell outta of Uganda, guess u can run business else where!!!

  27. luna1 says:

    I have been to mish mash on several occasions and have NEVER once been mistreated, neglected, or abused. There are so many racist comments coming up on this blog, when it is the same thing the author is complaining about! The comments blaming foreigners and muzungus are absurd, backwards, and disgusting. There have been plenty of times when i have gone to Ugandan restaurants and not been served because they were not open, you should have just listened to the owners, who clearly went out of their way to help you and left!

    • Luna1, my issue is simply the treatment I was accorded not racism, feel free to read the blog again. We were allowed in and allowed to sit quietly and wait for the shop to open. If this was not the case then we would not have been there in the first place. It is all about resolving an issue and being understanding. I was not there for a drink or meal but a T-Shirt only.

  28. zaitun says:

    i dont even know how u stood that hogwash for all that time………………give them a few months and they will be history..i hear TO SUPPORT UGANDAN ART………ooohh plizzzzzzz

  29. luna1 says:

    Mish Mash’s Response to what happened, every story has two sides!

    Ok then. Two gentlemen came into MishMash at 10am. We don’t open until midday. Shop was closed. Bar closed. We were cleaning and doing stock counts. We politely asked if they could come back at midday. That request wasn’t taken so well and they refused to leave, claiming that as our security had let them in, they had a right to be there. Our security was new and made a mistake. We explained that there was a sign on the gate with our opening hours. We have no idea why the response wasn’t “Sorry, we didn’t know you are closed, we’ll come back when you’re open”. We couldn’t understand why they pushed and pushed for their right to be there. We are a private property and were closed. The whole experience was bewildering for us. He vowed to do something to harm us and there you go – the power of social media. It’s not how honourable people act when they make a mistake. They came. We were closed. They should have said sorry and left to come back later. End of story. Yes, the customer is always right – but surely, only during opening hours!

    • So is this their official response? Is it from Adam or Genevieve? Any proof of authenticity? Anyway some corrections to the clear lies.
      1. We were there at 10:30 not 10:00am as we had an appointment at Fireworks advertising at exactly 10am so we could not have been in the two places at the same time.
      2. The craft shop had a sign on the door saying it opened at 11am and even the staff knew it that is why they let us wait for the 30minutes before it could open. Genevieve herself ripped this paper off the door after we pointed this out.
      3. We did not refuse to leave but explained the circumstances of how we got there. (BTW the owners showed up 5 minutes to 11).
      4. It is not true that I vowed to do something as you claim above. If you remember very well, most of the time I was quiet due to the fact that it was my first time to be there and I left my friend a reknowned arts’ journalist (not only in Uganda) to explain.

      All I have done is explain what happened to me on my personal blog and Twitter (both platforms were not set up for this). You so called side of the story is so weak and does not change the basic facts that I pointed out.

    • mary says:

      i dont believe your story! i loved mish mash until i was treated like a 2nd class citizen while there!

  30. Taata says:

    Hahaha! And I thought I didn’t know about marketing! But has it occurred to anyone that there might have been a problem at home before you met them and that you were just mere ‘Whipping boys’? No pun intended…

  31. Moses says:

    Hey guys, do not stop going to Mish-Mash because it will close. Just go and chase ADAM and GeneviEVE out of the garden of Eden. I don’t think they will run away with the fruits (read ideas).

  32. Peter says:

    First the Spain PM refers to us with contempt and now these mished up mashed fellows treat one of our own like trash?? What pisses me off is the arrogance in their response. I have a piece of advise for Adam and Eve; shape up or you will definately ship out.

  33. Hosea says:

    I can’t believe there is another story on Mish Mash and their rudeness. I’ve never been to Mish Mash, but the amount of stories i’ve heard, just can’t believe this place exists. One thing for sure, not for long. We get lots of these troubled ‘investors’ once in a while. Its the price we have to pay for seeming third world, hard time sorting them, we just issue entry visa at the airport. We’ll sort them, Kampala has its own Karma when it comes to sorting em up.

  34. Hosea says:

    Moses, these guys are moving soon. Lets not fret, they arrived in Uganda in 2008, as VOLUNTEERS for a microfinance. Since then, between the two of them, they’ve worked or formed over 8 business ventures. My reasoning is, this, like the others won’t last before they move onto their next business.

    • Thanks for that bit of history. Gives more perspective to the whole issue

    • Hosea says:

      1. Dentist
      2. Lecturer
      3.Ki kati
      5. Alphabet Safari
      6. Byona Amagara, Western Uganda.

      1. Accountant (Deloitte)
      2. Accountant(BDO)
      3.Ki Kati (listed already)
      4. Art Aid Africa
      5. Enlighten Africa
      6. Red Cross Australia

      Dude, should it be a question of maths now. Been to five continents already in your short life. My take was, thats a lot of moving…maybe we shouldn’t be worrying about you and your habits, because you eventually move, …Antarctica?

  35. Kansiime says:

    To everybody who claims that they are not racist. Let me ask you this. If they had found two white people waiting for the shop to open, what would the reaction have been? I’m 100% sure they would have opened that shop without hesitation!

  36. kinetic says:

    adam and genevive are simply awful at customer service and their peoples skills are atrocious. To call them racist might be a stretch. It would have cost them nothing and earned them something if only they had made an exception to sell that tshirt 15 mins earlier than usual. Adam and Genevive need to stop getting themselves into these situations. Mish Mash is a nice place but unfortunately the proprietors are not very savvy at customer service based on the incidents that seem to befall them

    • Interestingly we were not asking them to sell us the T Shirt minutes before but to understand that there was nothing extremely wrong with us sitting quietly and waiting for the shop to open. It is funny that by the time they were making all this noise, it was a mere five minutes to the opening and the girl who works in the shop came and found them arguing. Indeed it was not going to cost them anything but I guess their metal bearings were just not in the right place that morning.

    • Kissyfur says:

      I totally agree, my friends and I had an incident with Adam a couple of weeks ago. We sat at this table with a red lamp that was so bright our eyes hurt. We tried to move it and Adam quickly grabbed it and sighed with this exasperated look on his face. We tried to tell him waht the problem was and he didnt respond to us. Since I was in the company of white people I can only assume he is an asshole.

  37. kemigisa says:

    wow, here i was thinking Ugandan are incapable of such rush of anger, and clearly this blog has shocked me, however Allan i bet you are entitled to your feelings and the response by Mish Mash is pretty arrogant, they should just have issued an apology and promised to be better, saves them their image and earns them respect! i wonder who does their marketing!!!!!

    • To be fair, I think they need to outsource management since their people skills are clearly lacking. By the way during the whole time I was pretty calm as they exchanged words with my friend. You do notice that it has taken me weeks to speak out. I did not want to do so when I was still angry. I am a writer and I love to do it when very sober and calm.

  38. Alex says:

    I will just go there to cause chaos, I can stand such people..!

  39. Stella Kanyike says:

    Most unfortunate, as many comments have highlighted we shouldn’t confuse poor customer service with racism. However for those of us who haven’t patronised Mish Mash on a significant number of occasions, we can’t say for sure that it was or wasn’t. I guess this is just one of those things one has to experience first hand to be able to judge. Without a doubt the proprietors of Mish Mash are ill-mannered individuals (how dare you yell at your staff in the earshot of your customers???). And yes, it’s possible they were grappling with their own domestics that day :-) We all have those days and it’s no excuse for behaving this badly. I’m a strong believer in candour. Shouldn’t we help them understand the folly of their ways? I’m going to pop by and have a personal experience. If the unfortunate racist undertones turn out to be more fact than fiction, I’ll make sure Mr and Mrs Mish Mash have the worst day they’ve had since they came to my country Uganda.

  40. Jude says:

    Organise a debate on this topic and sort it out for good.

  41. carolyne mm says:

    Interesting .From my analysis, its not anything close as racism, i think the owners of Mish Mash are just plainly rude and bad mannered . They do a great job in supporting artists et al but its pathetic to put up such behavior in a neatly advertised establishment . Shame on them! Never been there, but i should visit that place early next month . And yes, i would love to see Genevieve …

    • Yes Carolyne you are quite right in your observation. The place is nice and its quite noble to support art in Uganda. The problem is just those two owners and their approach to small issues. Have you heard of the story where they are said to have shouted at a mother because her child had dropped an ash tray? I am yet to see a bar or club where things are not broken. But I have never seen a bar owner shouting at a patron for a broken glass, bottle or ash tray. These guys are just pathetic.

      • MishMash says:

        Again, you have only heard a small part of the story. In fact the girl had already broken 3 drinks glasses when asked if the guardians could take care of here. A few moments later, from the top of the stairs the daughter threw a glass ashtray which smashed amongst other customers while eating their food, only just missing the head of one customer. We have no issue with broken things. Things get broken all the time. But children who are not looked after by their parents in a public space who go on to cause damage and a potential threat to other customers is not acceptable.

        Of course, the story which was written and made public by one of the girls guardians, did not reflect what actually happened. Feel free to ask the other 20 or so customers who in the restaurant at the time and were witness to the conversations. There was no raised voices, nothing said to the girl whatsoever, and nothing to the two guardians apart from asking them, after 3 smashed glasses and an ashtray being thrown from the top of the steps, to please control their daughter.

      • That is why I said it was alleged. I am careful with my words. I said it is alleged because I was not there myself. I am a journalist and I know the implication of writing as proof what is not.It is true that things break in such situations and indeed if the parent was not controlling the little one then she should have been aske to pay for them instead of being shouted at if indeed that is what happened. Little children in such places can be a menace and a threat to other customers. At least Moses and I were not throwing and breaking anything but waiting to part with money and then leave.

  42. mercy catherine says:

    Thanks Allan for this; what is clear in a business sense is: these Mish Mash proprietors lack basic training in Customer Care. Uganda is so famous for her people,overflowing with generosity. Is it possible for us to contact a Ugandan Institution to offer FREE Customer Care Training to these two? Proposing Enterprise Uganda. I pity them, though. *sob *sob for Mish Mash, surely going down her grave if NO CHANGES…

  43. bluepetalz says:

    @Mark spot on! In just a few words, this is fucking insane on both fronts!

  44. Mishmash will make a response later in the day. The article clearly mentions that the directors are white. If the writer had no intention of inciting racism against the owners then why was it even necessary to mention their skin colour?

    Racism is a very easy tag to pin on someone and almost impossible to disprove. Hearsay and lies fabricated by competitors or individuals with an ulterior motive can be extremely dangerous in this frenetic world of social media. It appears that if it is written in print or on the internet then it is true – and therefore believed by many. This is a real shame and not only can damage businesses but can also unfairly ruin people’s lives.

    Mishmash is owned by us, a white couple who have lived in Uganda for four years by choice. We came here as a couple and had two beautiful children, both born here. We do not have any contract to stay here and are free to leave when we choose. Until now we have stayed for more than four years because we love this beautiful country and its people. The continued claims of racism are incredibly upsetting and could not be further from the truth. There must be something more rewarding to do than continually heap threats and abuse on two people who are just trying to live a happy life in a country they chose to settle in.

    We appreciate those who take the time to come to MishMash and discover the truth for themselves by spending time in the place and discussing their feelings openly with us. We also greatly appreciate those who have privately and publicly supported us through this time of unnecessary and unwarranted overly aggressive threats against us. We just wish people could empathise and put themselves in the position of someone living in a foreign country, many miles from home, in a vast racial minority, with hate campaigns and boycotts of our business being unfairly called for by people who don’t know us and have never even set foot in MishMash.

    • It is interesting to see how a response is promised yet at the same time being given. This is the second response I have seen on the comments section. My post is clearly talking about bad treatment not racism. And I have not forced anyone to believe my story, Mish Mash is free to give its side of events for the public to judge. All that I point out is not “hearsay and lies fabricated lies by competitors or individuals with an ulterior motive” as you imply above. For a start I am not working for any so called competitors. I live and work in Kigali Rwanda (since 2005) as a freelance writer. My work is available online and none of it includes fabricated lies like you say.

      I just happened to drop by Mish Mash to pick up a T Shirt that I was told I could get from there. If I had been told it was elsewhere then I would probably not have visited the place unless a friend recommended it. All I wanted was a T-Shirt. And I have mentioned time and again that the place is indeed a very nice one and even before the owners showed up, my friend Moses Serugo (who has been writing about arts and society in Uganda and the region for a very long time) was telling me how great the place was for its arts themes, concerts and movie nights. I was impressed surely until that whole small issue that you two chose to shout about as if we had jumped over a fence broken in and destroyed property.

      And by the way I would like to empathise with you when you talk about living in a foreign country. I am 100% Uganda but I live in Rwanda. And I long learnt that as a guest in a country it is imperative on you to be polite to those you found there not to act rude and patronising. That is why country’s deport. You also point to the fact that I mentioned that you are white in my blog but forget the moment when you Adam shouted at Moses asking whether Mish Mash was racist. You are adults who lack basic people skills and decency but now you want to play victim? Well go ahead and tell your story no one has stopped you. I am just an individual. I used my blog to tell my story. I am sure you can issue a press release or use your website or whatever it is you want. You can even go to the FM stations. I am in Kigali getting on with my work. I just wish you luck with all this.

      • MishMash says:

        I’m sure you’re very much aware that being a Ugandan living in Rwanda is very very different to being a British white person living in Uganda. I never suggested that you were a competitor or someone with an ulterior motive but many of the fabrications which we have had to deal with so far, were in fact concocted by these exact people. Again, you never suggested that we are racist, but as you can see, from what you wrote it has incited racism. Wasn’t that your intention? You and other people are clearly saying that they should come at us personally and not at the business itself.

        What has been written so far is not our official response on what happened that morning. We have simply spoken about the unfortunate hate and racism campaign that you have stirred up, totally unnecessarily against two people just trying to live a happy life. If you feel happy about then, then that’s well and good.

      • Of course my intention was not to incite racist attacks towards you. I do not have control over how people perceive my write-up. I came to your place and I was treated badly, if telling my story is now inciting racism then I am guilty as charged. The reason why I separate you from the business is because I have not been to Mish Mash during its working hours to make a fair judgement of the general atmosphere. My experience was with personalities. I did not have a drink or meal while there. Yes living here as a Ugandan is different but it does not mean I can shout at Rwandans just like that. If I was behaving half as you behaved then I would not have managed to be here for all this time. I am sure if you do not change your ways you may not last long. You are lucky that Uganda has failr lax immigration laws.

    • Alex says:

      I think what you need to do you mish mash people is to soul search and find out why people are picking on especially..!…Ugandans are very friendly people and that’s a known fact the world over…Learn the culture, get to know what offends people and what is acceptable before you start thinking your muzungu ways are totally applicable here like ripping off sign posts and screaming at customers..!…you give other well behaved white people leaving here a bad name..!…Generally you find most white people here have a false high perception of themselves in relation to there black peers and of-course that has historical implications but that’s for another day..!…Anyway my advice is soul search and learn how we relate before you blow off your tops because you might come across someone who might not be as cool headed as those guys you screamed at. Personally you scream at me you get it three fold and worse..!

      • Alex I hope they have the humility to follow your advice.

      • MishMash says:

        It’s sound advice. But we didn’t actually scream at anyone. The customer was the first to raise his voice after being politely asked to leave.

      • Adam you sreamed at Moses in my presence. You are lying about me being the first to raise my voice yet when it all started you were not even there. You woke up and found when the issue had almost been resolved with Genevieve accepting to open the shop and the girl who works in the shop already there to work at 11. twisting the story will get you no where. Have the humility to accept your mistakes and to work on improving in that area. We accepted that we had arrived before time and that is why we humbly asked to be allowed to sit and wait. If we had raised our voices in the first place, I am sure your guard and the girl at the counter would not have let us stay even for a second.

      • Titty says:

        @ MishMash i’ve served and dealt with customers from different races, age, religion name it……..screaming and accusations are quite common on several occasions; guilty or not, in my customer care training i was taught never to attack back a client or even take on defensive mode NEVER! Surprisingly at the end of the day all issues are amicably settled and client loyalty assured (this is the only way tht a client can accept his/her mistake at a later stage).Trust me, MishMash cannot thrive even in Europe with such an arrogant attitude from the mgt. ‘It’s through simple ways of life that we can learn and live on; Arrogance cannot make the world a happy place to live…….’ From all i’ve read on several blogs and twits, it seems to me that the word ‘sorry’ is a no go area for MishMash mgt.

        Tip for the day @MishMash: A simple apology and a smile could heal a dying patient…….it means alot!

    • Moses says:

      Willy, some of us have never been to MishMash and we will visit that place because what they say about it is all good save for those behaviours we are just learning. If you accept these things happen, you will sort them out and MishMash will be saved. There are many places run by foreigners (irrespective of skin color) and we love to hang around them. I am very eager to visit and I hope I will like it when I get there soon.

    • Ashley Haz says:

      Been reading your ‘side of the story’ but it is overflowing with arrogance… you found the ‘Black Clientele’ here. they didn’t call you to promote art. 1. You have refused to make a simple apology (guess you no decency left in you).2. you don’t want to go back to you wherever you came from and leave ‘em Black Clientèle in their country…. Willy, Why Don’t you Just Shut Up? is that too much to ask?

    • Mrs Robbins says:

      Why cant you apologize already. Why Ugandans are annoyed with you is even after all this you have failed to do the decent thing and apologize to anyone who took offense to your customer care. If you had done that from the beginning you would not have received all this negativity. When in a foreign country it is important to understand peoples cultures and behavior, what sparks them off etc especially if you have a business. living outside my country has taught me this.

  45. Edward says:

    I’ve been to Mish Mash thrice. First time was Ok, second time some funny white dude asked me at the entrance to tell him whom I was going to meet inside, and I told him bluntly that I was not lost and I didn’t need his stupid questioning. He was rude to me, that’s why I replied extremely rudely to him. I assured him that I won’t beg him to let me in to spend my money since there are very many places where I could go and have my blast. I got in but only because I had to meet my european friends who were already inside, otherwise I would have driven straight away. Third time was fine. What is happening with those guys is a mixture of stupidity and an overblown sense of importance. Racism can also not be completely ruled out because these incidents have happened only to the “black” clientele.

    • MishMash says:

      Only the black clientèle have shouted about it from the roof tops. As with any service business with many customers there are always dissatisfied customers. MishMash does its best to ensure that our customers leave satisfied. As our customers are mixed white, black, yellow, brown, red and blue, we field complaints and criticism from all peoples. It’s unfortunate that certain customers feel it necessary to try to stir up hate campaigns and call for boycotts due to their experience. Others keep it to themselves. Others speak to the management about their dissatisfaction and have it resolved.

      • I have not called for a boycott. I just said that due to how I was treated, I wont be returning to Mish Mash ever again. I am just one person and I am sure you can do without my little money. My case involved speaking to the owners and so I see no other reason why I should talk to them again over this. This is my blog and I am free to talk about my experiences, no? May be you assumed that I feel in the category of those who keep it to themselves. No I am not. I was not brought up like that. I speak my mind when and where I want to.

      • mr mosh says:

        The fact that this minced meat mish mash or whatever the name is guy just said only the black guys have shouted about it proves he’s a good for nothing racist who couldn’t handle life back home coz he was also being racist with other people back home, but wake up you mish mash fake creature, apologise to the nationals and change your funny ways cause we got way better places with well reasoning and thinking owners so style up

      • Yeko Baba says:

        So when you the owners shout at a client what management does one report to, just so we are clear on following the right procedures on raising complaints?

      • “Only the black clientele have shouted about it from the roof tops ….”

        This guy is not racist -he is just stupid!

      • tristan says:

        guy i know as Ugandans we are just kind hearted people and really try to avoid saying the truth at times. like if your friends kid is bad behaved we at times keep quiet and talk about this after the family is gone. Bust surely without beating about the bush the comment starting with blacl clientele tels you they are racist. thats plain simple. we at times try to avoid saying somethings so that we dont make people upset but for fact some white people are racist, some of these racists live in Uganda ad dont be fooled racists can live in a place where they are marginalised like in the colonial days. too sd thats its happening today. personally i have white who are nice and for fear of ashaming them i avoid saying taking about the white people who are racist coz the white societies are makig it seem like a drk ages thing yet it happens daily even in global sports like footbal

      • Brenda K says:

        if management is rude to a client how the hell is the client supposed to speak to management to resolve the damn issue?? jeez! you guys are pathetic

  46. lindsey says:

    Adam and Genevieve (or Mish Mash), you have two BIG problems:

    1. You think customers should give a fuck about your opinions. A disgruntled customer has written about you and you are DEFENDING yourselves. Apologize, then explain and make it good.
    2.You need to step away from Mish Mash and leave Dan to handle things, or hire two people to replace yourselves. And this is not just because I have my own personal experiences with you. I’m sure we both remember what happened when I thought I’d wounded your (turns out worthless reputation) and wanted to clear the air.

    As for the patrons who want to tell us what a good time they have there and how we’re off point. Pardon my language but FUCK YOU. No one is making up stories about being disgruntled. For example, you calling me stupid?

    • Titty says:

      not even once have i heard or read about Adam and Genevieve coming out to apologise to any client that has fallen prey to their ruthless attitude (these two surely need anger management lessons) Mish Mash mgt is always fully armed in defensive mode ready to attack any client that tries to bring out their nasty side publicly. I have even been banned from their face book page for making ‘slight harmless truth revealing comments’ after they took to public platform/media(facebook) and published a pic of their Ugandan nanny a one Komuhangi or Kyomuhendo dont recall, who was being accused of mistreating their kid without evidence and warned all ‘muzungus in Uganda’ against employing her (Adam/Gen claim tht the 3 yr old boy told them tht she pinched him; no evidence whatsoever). With all i’ve read about Mish Mash mgt, i certainly would never set foot there my soul is too fragile to be subjected to such treatment. They best i can do for now is spread the news and warn all my peers to stay away from Mish…..whatever it’s called; as much as they can if possible just run away if u realise ur anywhere within the vicinity of this establishment! DON’T EVEN STAND NEAR THEIR GATE FOR UR OWN SAFETY!

    • White peep says:

      DANG girl!!!!!
      I know you personally, follow your blog, and that of two other people who were there who also had very little good to say about the place. It will be VERY hard for me to believe any of you three are exaggerating.
      Even a tiny bit.
      I have never been to Mish Mash. My plan was to go there tomorrow to watch another friend play.
      I AM DEFINITELY GIVING IT A SKIP. And will take the few people I was gonna take there, elsewhere.
      Somewhere better.
      Probably a manky pork joint in a swamp with mosquitoes and dogs knocking beer of my table while begging for bones

      Accept the fuck-up, apologize <– COULD have worked. But no, they're admament on being better. Sadly, they fucked that up too.

      BTW Lindsey, are you coming to the Greek tonight? :D
      Cheap beer, cheap food, good people! <—WIN!!!

  47. Richard says:

    Bottom line, they (Mishmash) never force anyone to buy from them. If you have an issue with the way they conduct business, take your money else where.

    • That is why I left without parting with my 30k and instead spent 60k at the Laba Street Festival to buy two T Shirts the next Saturday. The fracas at Mish Mash was on a Thursday. I cannot spend my money under such conditions.

  48. Titty says:

    hmmmmm…………..this is the nth time i’m reading about terrible acts and loop holes in service provision at Mish Mash. Clearly this shows that the root cause of all this chaos is the management of the place and not the clientele as the proprietors claim. There is definitely a reason why we need experience and knowledge on certain subjects before venturing into business (i wish Adam and Gen would take up a course in hospitality mgt). Any normal brained human running a business will base his performance on customer reviews but not simply coming off as very defensive and attacking clients as is the case of Mish Mash mgt. If bigger establishments like airlines can apologise and promptly respond to clients complaints be it their fault or not, then who do Mish Mash think they r? mana from heaven? MY FOOT!

    • Alex says:

      Very true Titty, this is what I was talking about..!…they should reflect and learn the culture rather than trying to defend themselves all the time..!…It’s not a matter of who is right or wrong there is absolutely no excuse of screaming and pulling down sign posts because people have come into your place before opening hours..!…Its been 4 yrs since they came to live here and clearly they have not bothered to learn the ways of our people, now that says a lot about them…! and yet they claim they are promoting our art and culture..!…that’s just a bunch of bull really..!…

    • Lisa says:

      this is my very first time to come across a business(MishMash) where all shortcomings are entirely the clients fault and mgt is not to blame ever. *shocked* i actually thought the reverse is true!

      • Martin says:

        As a Ugandan, I’ve gotten the impression that I won’t feel comfortable at Mishmash. I don’t think I’m the kind of client the management is looking for. I’m sure they will do alright with out me

  49. Diana says:

    If they had been treated that way when they came, would they have settled to start that business?
    They are in the wrong business; actually they have no business dealing with people.

  50. Diana says:

    Guys, the main point here is miss treatment.
    It doesn’t matter if one is white, black whatever……….
    You don’t treat people that way.

  51. MishMash says:

    Let us understand this. You don’t want a statement of our side of the story? As we’re not allowed to defend ourselves? You simply want a humble apology for something, which in our opinion has been completely distorted by the writer. Is there anything wrong with trying to defend false accusations? The simple facts are that the business was closed to the public and it was one and a half hours before opening, irrespective of whether our staff were there or not. Our staff start one to two hours before we open to the public. We have things to do before we are ready to serve customers.

    What happened after that was due to the fact that the customers refused to leave when asked politely. If a humble apology is what you require rather than MishMash being able to give our side of the story then, as we already apologised in private to the writer “We’re sorry, but we are closed. can you come back when we are open” which then lead to various accusations and raised voices from both parties. Who should be apologising to who? The mention of the security guard not coming back – he sits at his station over 100 metres away from the restaurant and was probably a long way out of earshot to react to the slight raised voices from both parties. Had the customer simply accepted managers requests to leave and come back (as it was 90 mins before opening), no incident would have occurred at all.

    We’re sorry if we have caused offence to anyone with our actions and we’ll work on ensuring that this kind of incident doesn’t occur again.

    Of course the majority of customer complaints are dealt with on site and apologised for and free drinks, meals etc given out. But when people go public with an aim to going viral, inciting hate and racism (whether that was their aim or not), we have to be able to defend ourselves against that, rather than everyone just calling for a public apology, when we feel the content of the complaint is inaccurate.

    If you want to come and see MishMash for yourselves then you are warmly welcome. While it seems that we are not allowed to give our side of the story and defend allegations, there will be no further statement on the matter.

    • I personally haven’t asked for an apology or free drinks. I am a teetotaller by the way and soft drinks I can afford. All I did was write about my experience and have not barred you from presenting your side of your story. It is not my fault that this went viral and your version is not being believed by those who are making it viral. It is not helpful to continue peddling lies like there being 100meters from the gate to the restaurant. I am sure you know what a metre looks like. The security guard is the one who came and begged us to leave the last time. no amount of changing facts will turn you guys into angels.

      I was mistreated and I am not asking for a public apology. I have moved on with my life and I actually got two T Shirts from the Laba street art festival a few days later instead of the one that I was trying to get from your shop. You clearly don’t have a monopoly over promoting culture. Long before you set up shop crafts were being sold all over Buganda Road and the National Theatre among other places.

      Do not play victim by crying that you are not allowed to give your side of the story. That is simply childish. I used my blog, you can use all sorts of media to put your side out in public. How can you say I am stopping you from doing that? Grow up guys. It was a simple thing that you are still unable to deal with. Other customers may have been involved in different situations and paid off with free drinks but I am not that kind. I am a writer and I have a blog and that is what I used to tell my story. I am not interested in any free drinks. I have a job and I can buy my own drinks. You are just ashamed that your private altercation is now public information yet I did not even place it on a mass media platform. I bet you had never even heard of me before in media circles because I am just a humble fellow trying to stay alive in Rwanda.

      One last message, learn to respect people. It human to err but risky to mistreat people simply because you have a business in Uganda (Africa) with business hours for that is not a first neither a last.

      • MishMash says:

        Allan, there are plenty of people on this blog who are commenting. Not all of my replies are directed at you. When I say “you” and am talking you plural – the majority of the people who are commenting here. The security guard who sits at the gate is approx 100 metres from the restaurant. The fact that he came to the shop after some time doesn’t mean that he doesn’t sit at the gate.

        I don’t have a blog. I am responding to yours here. I have no intention of writing a comment in national newspapers or anywhere else. I will happily reply to people’s comments on this blog as this is where you posted your comments. I cannot take the time to check every social media site and respond to everyone’s comments. If we remain quiet we get criticised. If we give our side of the story, we get criticised. If we run our business, we get criticised. It’s a no win for us. Good luck to you and apologies if you felt mistreated.

      • I am sorry for misunderstanding your usage of ‘you’ in the last response. You do have a website and I read that you publish a magazine so you can also use them to respond to the comments. While at it you may want to acknowledge that I have not blocked any of your comments from appearing on my blog because I believe in freedom of expression especially for you as a party in all this. I also accept the apologies appearing in the last line of your message. I have said before that I have moved on with my life and yes I managed to get two T-Shirts from elsewhere so it is all good on my part.

    • tristan says:

      hehehe so Misha Mash uses “you” for the black guys against them not insluding the writer but its wrong for us to generalise that whites are racist. hehehehe seems the apology is late anyway personally just from this blog Mish mash is surely racist.

  52. Now I want to read the original article!

    I came across the original controversy on Facebook and it occured to me at the time that these idiot running MishMash as well as the closed “muzungu” forum needed to take their arses back home if they had no respect at all for their hosts and dared to practice apartheid in a foreign country!

    Ugandans are welcoming people -too welcoming in my opinion if they have to suffer all manner of fools!

    This idiot Adam and his wife need to get onto a plane and go back home where they can live with and fraternise only with their own kind!

    Ugandans have enough problems without having to put up with patronising idiots!

    • tristan says:

      hehehe drew Mr. Mish and Mrs mash are not going like in the colonial days. racists feel superior to the ones they are against and thus they believe they are here to help Ugandan artists ofcourse foregting the fact that they also earn an income from that. like the missionaries came, then the imperialists, if you ecall they came to help the tribal people be civilized, excange gifts (mirrors for ivory) ad more. the just feel superior. racism dosent just mean mistreat or hate a person of another race its also about feeling superio to them like what happens in India.

  53. Close Mish Mash says:

    haha, this is very intereting. I was once seated at mish mash with a few friends (4 + me), and had an experince with ADAM…. We where asked to move to another seating because a larger group of pple where coming. We moved as requested. 20 mins later some 2 people occupied our seats. about 2 hours later, one of my mates comented that, we where moved so that the 2 pple could seat down in our place, to which we laughed. Out of nowhere, Adam came to our table saying ” why is it everything u Ugandans are crying Racism….! ” No one had even said anything about racism….

    • That is what exactly happened if you read in the story where Adam attacks Moses Serugo with that racist line. Dude is freaking insecure about his race relations I guess. Why does he throw this in each time even when it has not been mentioned. Adam should know that bad manners are bad manners they need no colour.

    • Mrs Robbins says:

      If this isn’t racism i do not know what is. Mish Mash needs to get out of our country. We should not tolerate this from anyone.

  54. Mary #2 says:

    All of this is very interesting. I happened to come across this post while “googling”, looking for things to do around Kampala, and places to spend my hard earned money when I come to visit toward the end of July. I have worked years in customer service- even staying late to keep the shop open on Christmas Eve, so others can finish their purchases. Business owners have to understand that- if you need money, you open when someone else wants to give it to you. I think the owners of MishMash have an important lesson to learn here- social media certainly may not sink your ship, but it can put a major hole in your earnings. I am extremely interested in Ugandan art, but based on what I’ve read here, I don’t want to take a chance of a bad encounter, when I have limited time to spend. This is Allan’s blog, and if he wants to tell the story of what happened to him, so be it. He worded things very well, and did not say that he was treated in a racist fashion- other commenters merely took the ball and ran with it. It is empowering to consumers to be able to get the word out, in order to hopefully make others’ experiences better. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, so we say.

    • Well said Mary. Indeed there are so many places that sell art in Uganda with Buganda road area and the National Theatre as the longest in the game and with more variety. The people at Mish Mash need to pick lessons and let this rest. Like I said, I only wrote about what happened to me. I have moved on with my life and care less what they do from now. I wanted a T-Shirt they treated me badly and I got two from elsewhere and I am happy.

  55. MishMash says:

    Last comment from MishMash. While we accept that as a service company we continually have to strive for good customer service, any instance of poor customer service should not lead to hundreds of comments of aggression, racism, xenophobic sentiment and threats to my wife and me. That kind of response is totally unjust and unacceptable – even if you believe the writers version of events to be true. We are also human beings and considering all the talk about how welcoming Ugandans are to foreigners, it doesn’t seem to be in line with this sentiment at all. We would appreciate these threats to stop.

    Allan, we’re sure you never intended this kind of reaction but we’d appreciate if, it continues to get out of control, that you would remove the blog from public view.

    • I will not take down my blog as I find that an attack on my right to express myself. This is my story and nothing will see me pulling it down because you have asked. I will take it that your request was just a joke. I wrote about my experience and I am not responsible for people’s perceptions. Adam, that is not how the media works.

      • MishMash says:

        Allan, your blog, whether intended or not, has incited violence, aggression and racism towards a couple who (in your opinion) mistreated you. Do you think that is fair?

      • Those are people’s reactions not my incitements. I have chosen not to block their views and yours as well. People always comment on social media and if you are uncomfortable with it then I cannot help you by pulling down my blog. Dude, that is simply out of the way my friend. Go to the bank withdraw some money and look for hackers. I am sure they can be of help.

    • Ugandans have just demonstrated they are not welcoming to rude and obnoxious foreigners.

      They were welcoming to you when you came here 4 years ago!

      As a matter of fact you and your wife are not the first foreigners to live in Uganda nor set up a small business! actually many foreigners have much bigger businesses than a small craft shop and restaurant!

      but they do not receive complaints which you chose to see as xenophobic or racist!

      You guys need to examine yourselves closely. If you are not happy you are always free to go home! Ugandan artists will survive without you as they have always done!

      Ugandans should partner only with those foreigners who respect them not those who treat them with disdain and rudeness!

    • THE BABYS MAMA says:


  56. MaryK says:

    It doesn’t matter what colour your skin is ……. Being rude is simply unacceptable!

  57. Daniel says:

    Reblogged this on Daniel Mumbere | Reaching for Greater Heights and commented:
    Hey guys, I thought you’d like to know something. This is not my opinion though and I am not responsible for any negative responses. Please enjoy

  58. Grace says:

    As someone who has been in customer care orientated roles, on the whole I am speechless at how Mish Mash operates and responds to criticism. I suspect that the underlying element is one of prejudicial reaction to perceived cultural norms.

    Let’s look at it from this angle: I suspect Allan and Moses were seen by Genevieve, initially, to appear to have made themselves “at home” in a business establishment without prior appointment with either Adam or Genevieve – immediately raised the red-flag to what some investors believe some Ugandans to be (lazy layabouts mainly). Because of the prejudicial sentiments Genevieve was initially unwilling to listen to reason…and just when she came around, her partner also picked up from where she had started and on a background of his own misgivings reacted accordingly.

    Bottom line…Adam and Genevieve acted appaling when called upon for customer care redress and irrespective of whether this went public or not, should’ve apologised right from the onset to stem any bad repurcussions on their business or their character. Instead of going on the defensive/victimisation claims, they need to show persons that they can be professional on all levels during business conduct. They need to keep in mind that just because they are playing a role of support, it does not mean they neglect other areas of cultural intergration within the system they have chosen to settle into.

    • Grace, I wish I could send you a hug for saying it like you were actually there. I have no doubt that you are a customer care relations guru. If we had not left the place bitter, I would be blogging about politics and media which on the blog one can see are the ones I love to blog about most. Their responses have exposed the kind of people they are.

    • juliacorbett says:

      This is a well-written and balanced response. Thanks, Grace.

    • Very sober analysis Grace. Rational and to the point. This blog-post was sent to everyone at my workplace by a colleague. This is why;
      A few weeks ago we attended an event organised for reporters at Mish Mash. They did not arrive in time. About an hour into waiting, the event organisers switched on the projector thinking that at any minute the reporters would pour in and the presentation they had prepared would start. 40 Minutes in, the crowd still thin but picking up, the proprietors of Mish Mash (Adam and Eve) came out guns blazing and rudely told off the organisers that they were going to have to switch off their projector as they cannot have it running for such long spells.
      Two things; One, the organisers had paid for these services. Two, what if the organisers had had a series of 4 hour presentations, would they have switched off the projector midway through these presentations on the same basis?
      Adam, Genevieve, the number of negative comments and reviews your establishment is getting should be disconcerting to you or any level headed business owner. Instead, you respond with snide and crass comments and then play victim.
      It is unfortunate that you and your wife have become targets of bigotry whether or not your own behavior towards your black patrons warranted it. In the end, 2 wrongs are just that. Double the garbage.
      Your establishment is truly beautiful and has an organic calming aura about it. I wish your attitudes did not get in the way of people experiencing this.

      “There is no better example of value destruction than customer interaction at the call center ” excerpt taken from a white paper on “Customer Centricity in the Telecommunications Industry” http://www.pbinsight.com

      • Doreen, this situation has taught me so much more about Adam and Eve and customer relations as a whole that the 10 minute spat I endured at Mish Mash. Surely there is a problem that the Mish Mash fellows are not keen to admit and thus wont be able to solve eventually. And it will cost them dearly.

  59. Ron says:

    Like their name suggests they are a miss match in Kampala. They are fired. We don’t need them here anyway. URA needs to visit them. Do they pay taxes? Do they have valid visas? Immigrations needs to check. Are their power and water bills paid up? UMEME and Water please check. Are their cars not DMCs ? Please Kale send some boys to check. We have many Mzungus who have settled in this country and are living and doing business among us peacefully, the list is so long. We will not have people who treat us like chuff. They must show us their backs.

  60. THE BABYS MAMA says:

    WOOOOW ! this mish mash couple cant stop acting like idiots,
    firstly id like everyone to know i am the mother of the baby girl who adam so unceremoniously yelled at. i would like to clarify a few things as with most things the longer a story is told the longer it gets. so i will tell the story of that day. on that fateful day my mother, cousin and best friend and i decided to have brunch and thought that the most child friendly place near by was mish mash, i had been there on several occasions before in the evening and had never had the pleasure to meet the owners. anyway so we arrived at mish mash at about 12;30p.m , we ordered and proceeded to eat. my baby ate her chips with such delight we kept saying that she’ll start leaving the house to come and eat at mish mash.. seeing as she had only recently learnt to walk my cousin took her to the couch area which was less that 5 feet from where were sitting. and she was less than a foot from the baby at all times anyway so my daughter run towards the table and saw the ash tray, as my cousin approached her she got excited and threw the ash tray which proceeded to roll down the little grass slope and eventually fell into their make shift gutter and broke it did not even shatter. out of no where this man comes charging towards the baby and yells “who does this thing belong to” at this point he was pointing at my child! he must have corrected himself because he went on yelling “who’s child is this?!” and then to make the situation even more bizarre he yelled at her asking why she broke the ashtray.. please note this fool was asking a ten moth old baby why she broke an ash tray.. by this time my mother and best friend were up in arms! my mother calmed herself and asked if they would like us to pay for the ashtray, adam went on to yell that he did not need our money, which i found ironic seeing as the bill of over 200k had just arrived. anyway adam continued to yell saying he didn’t know why “us people” never knew how to control our children, to be honest by this point i was shaking with anger praying that he would keep talking so i would have a reason to smack his face, but seeing am terrified of being classed like them i held back, one of his friends who he is claiming were the witnesses said that “we natives love to play the victim” so if i were adam those wouldn’t be the witnesses you should call. we proceeded to leave completely bothered and out of sorts seeing as my baby was totally terrified and was crying uncontrollably probably not understanding why a big pink faced man was yelling at her. as we got to the door his equally idiotic wife came asking what was wrong, and like one of those scenes in a movie where you realise your the idiot, we began to explain what had happened glad that we had found a sensible person.. and like in the movie when a crowd laughs genevieve proceeded to tell us that our mothering skills were not up to par and that she is a total expert at child upbringing and that people “like us” should learn not to let children out of your sight, we tried explaining that there was someone with the baby but she didn’t want to hear it going on to say that they didn’t care how we felt but that they were not in the wrong.as we left we told them we would not be returning and they said it was fin they had enough people like us coming in every day……SOOOOO IF ANY1 DOUBTS THEM BEING RACIST THEN PLIZ EXPLAIN Y THEY acted in the way they did and why the used such objectifying words to describe us and ” OUR KIND”
    adam nd genevieve you should do yourselves a favour and take vows of silence the world would be grateful.. there is not enough room for your idiocy and ignorance
    sincerely an angry mama :)

  61. Mary says:

    I think we all need to cool off a bit.
    I agree with MishMash that a lot of the comments here are going too far and the incident seems to getting out of hand! Lot’s of people here are talking about how rudeness is unacceptable. Well.. people take a loot at yourself right now.
    This really disappoints me.
    And there are ALWAYS two sides of each story, the truth is probably somewhere in the middle. I am clearly not accusing any side to lie! It’s rather a matter of perception and misunderstanding body language and/or tone of voice.

    @Tristan: Me saying that there are a lot of black idiots was only meant as a metaphor as how LITTLE the skin color matters when it comes to idiocy. If you didn’t get that metaphor, well sorry. But telling me I should leave Uganda if I didn’t like black idiots is just a bit childish. I didn’t leave my home country (which is white, if you care to know, Tristan) because there were so many WHITE idiots there…

    • tristan says:

      ofcourse mary you came to feel superior in a place where you are treated better for the colour of your skin by the warm hearted ugandans. childish is Idi amin chasing you away if you believe you have doe nothing wrong and havent been bad or racist to anyone you are entitled to stay. please note this blog was allan’s side f the story not to get to the middle ground. a adult we have a right to choose which side to see things. personally i believe Mish and Mash are Racist from their comments athough i havent met them. and dont assume because people are racist they cant have some morals. if you are waiting for mish and mash to declare it that they are then you personally wont be getting that.

      please note that non of these writers has a business or could be a competitor but somehow the blog keeps getting longer Mish and mash should evaluate themselves and realise that there is ome underlying problem and per blog their service sucks and i bet are racist

  62. Mary says:

    @ Titty: You are now stirring up rumors about the “mzungu group” that are not true. On very rare occasions are people complaining about Ugandan staff or even warning others. The opposite is true! People are leaving Uganda and try to get their nanny/housekeeper/gardener/driver a new job. It’s people asking for a reliable plumber or an electrician that somebody has had a good experience with.
    I have maybe read one or two warnings about a specific person in all the months this group has been there and I visit this group several times a day. I don’t exactly know if the accusations of these people stealing (or something like that) are true. Nobody knows that for sure except the person being accused.
    But most people would do the very same thing if they lived abroad. You try to keep in touch with “your” community, while integrating in the new one. It’s natural. It’s sociological. It’s what all kind of people do all over the world, in every country where “foreigners” live. And of course those “expat communities” exchange helpful insights and tips. It’s the way it is.
    But again! The mentioned group on facebook does not warn expats to employ Ugandans. Excuse my language but this is pure bullshit.
    If one or two persons had an experience of that kind, then those were personal and singular experiences – in fact the same kind with Allen and MishMash…

    • Titty says:

      WHAAAT!!!!!! the article and pic of the nanny was deleted as soon as majority of Ugandans gave their views and started debating about the issue. Several whites were not amused too at Adam and Gen’s accusations and chose to leave the page! i wish i had copied and pasted it. Her name was Komuhangi if i can recall well. Ask anyone tht has been visiting that page since April 2011! It’s Adam and his wife Gen tht are spreading the hate campaign in Uganda. I know several good ‘bazungu’ in Uganda that are here on a good cause and we like them not the likes of Adam and wife! Having realised the chaos caused on tht fb page, they have since toned down on their hate campaigns but it too late for some of us.
      N.B I would never leave my country to work as a nanny abroad puliiiiiiiizzzzzz……….i got standards that i can never go below OKAY!

      • Mary says:

        I was also there, saw the post and commented on it, because I too thought it was problematic and not the right way to handle it.
        But what you are doing is generalizing. That’s simply not correct.
        It was one incident you mentioned here. Maybe there were one or two other. Not more, I can assure you. Never were people recommended to NOT hire specifically Ugandans as a group of people. That is just not true.
        I don’t like how you are generalizing the incident(s) at MishMash and the mzungu group.
        It’s people like you who keep putting oil in the fire.

        PS: I never said anything about you leaving your country to work as a nanny abroad. No idea where you read that.

  63. Simon says:

    Go easy guys, there is many places out there with grumpy service/management. (try going to France) If u don’t like it, just don’t go there.

    • Mrs Robbins says:

      That doesnt make it okay Simon. We still have a right to complain as Ugandans and customers. we are not going to sit back and let foreigners mistreat us just because it can be done and is being done in other countries like France. We are Ugandan and are proud. And will not stand for such Nonsense.

  64. lindsey says:

    Guys, a request. Can you please stop generalizing with this ‘white people’ business? You might find yourselves being attacked in turn. Backwardness just.

  65. Brandii says:

    I/m simply surprised you stayed that long in a shop where you were obviously not welcome and not respected. What happened to the customer is king? And if this couple claim they are not racists I wonder if that is how they would have treated a Caucasian client at their shop? Methinks it unlikely! Good for you Allan, it is about time all this rabble in society is exposed.

  66. kevin kusiima says:

    I’ve read all the posts here and I think this might have been a small misunderstanding. Allan and Adam/Mishmash are civil towards each other but many of these other people responding are rude and arrogant…..deviating and even threadjacking. I don’t know why some ugandans think everything is racially motivated. If someone called me racist and I didn’t try to correct them, wouldn’t i appear guilty? Many of you have poor communication skills….read and understand the posts before u respond…If u have negative preconceptions about someone, u wont agree with anything they say. Generic stereotypes are bad….if we say all white people r racist, then we also forfeit our right to complain about racism.

  67. Charlotte says:

    I am going to check out this mish mosh , sorry mash place…

  68. senjo says:

    Alex, the moment u realised u were not welcome, why didnt u just walk away? u could have saved yourself a lot of crap. in life, we deal with people with crappy attitudes from all over but it doesnt kill to simply oblige and leave albeit disgruntled.

    I have never been to Mishmash bt it is very absurd how people r pegging all this to racism. in fact most of the comments, i am reading here r very racist. IF the couple acted like that, that is more to do with personality that their race because i have seen Ugandan service providers who act twice as rude to Ugandan clients yet very polite to foreigners. How come they r never called racists? it is very absurd that every commentator is pegging it down to racism and abusing white people living here in Uganda.

    you have a damn right to express opinion bt pliz dont spur racists on by agreeing with their comments like “these guys need to be deported back”. very foolish indeed. otherwise why dont we start our own restaurants and display the customer care we are asking for?

    @Mish mash u have a right to play by your own rules but what tone of language did you use to communicate to Allan and his friend? was your harsh tone(as he alleges) a reaction to an assumption that u saw him as a spy based on Lindsey’s previous article? Why did Adam have to bring up the “we r racists” rant? could you have thought that he was simply being stubborn or had an agenda( was set out on proving rumours through provocation)?

    The prudent thing would have been to apologise that u were closed AND clarify that the security guard was new and had let them in by mistake. his problem seemed that the gateman had let them in and you were ordering them back out. Then, if u have a sign that read that the crafts shop was opened at 11 am, as he alleges you too ought to have offered an explanation abt a change in times and that u had put the communication on your website(all this politely).

    it doesnt kill to explain politely that they were a little early and that u were still preparing your place to serve them better. i dont think if u explained well any sane person would have a problem going and coming back later.

  69. Jaja Miracle says:

    enough is enough,. This boy and girl should leave

  70. Grace A. says:

    Re Posted at http://www.earlyliferadio.com/mediahub/my-blog/mish-mash-uganda-a-fusion-of-arrogance-and-plain-stupidity.html

    There are the Adams who use the excuse of Racism to justify their mean characters. I dont like the fact that they used promoting our Arts and culture as an excuse! i think its to these groups of people that Ugandan Arts and Culture has only attracted a category of people – watch closely , we need to kick these mediocres from our Arts and Culture industry!

  71. Ugandan boy says:

    It is simple, The 2 owners of Mish Mash are rude… There is no smoke without fire!!! “When many people say you are mad even if yo not, eliminate what makes people think yo mad, then you will be fine”.

    Adam and Eve, you are rude!!! Unfortunately (only in this current situation) you are “White”, I don’t think you are racist but u are making people argue on “racist” grounds just because you have bad manners!!!

    Spear the owner of Rouge and Fatboys is very rude at times, he only survives “this” because he is “black”.

    What if the housegirl you fired sued you??? You would lose everything!!! I’m a lawyer, you can not win the case!!! Then you publish her???? And warn only “Mzungus”??? If she was really bad then you should have warned everyone!!! If she knocked on my door I would take the case right away because you would want to settle out of court!!

    You might not be racist, you are just bad mannered!!!! And I mean only Adam and Genevieve!!!

  72. Nada Andersen says:

    I am sorry this happened to you, and I am ashamed that people who claim to be supporting and promoting art, behave this way. This is not the first story about them being rude to visitors. I personally never met them, but I will be careful about going to Mish Mash again. Sad to hear that grown-up people behave that way.

  73. Patriotic Ugandan says:

    I’ve been to Mish Mash twice. Enjoyed it. Heard two stories of the bad customer service of Genievieve from two different sources. Sounds like she has a personality problem and does not even realise it. Allan, good on you for getting it out here for everyone to know. I will certainly think twice of taking my friends (of different races) there.

  74. Mish Mash, I had the same incident on time with you in February about time( being told i had somehow let myself in against the will of management). That stupid demeanor changed as soon as Genevieve noticed that the people whom i was supposed to meet were non black. A defence of a broken down coffee machine that could not allow us drink coffee and a disgruntled staff serving us later( who was too afraid of his Boss’ paranoia to be useful, we left and did not spend more than 5000 @) .
    The idea had been to have brunch at mishmash while discussing work. I have not been there since. I abhore racism and bad service at my own expense. That said, Mish Mash, your very beautiful and lucrative business plan is being throttled by your horrible social skillls. As hospitable and seemingly guillible as we are as Ugandans, we can be very stern in our social action against you no matter how you come to be here.
    I suggest you apologise, publicly and sincerely, Hire an independent competent manager whom you will not bully into your bad manners and racist behaviour to run your business and the two of you become less seen and heard on the premises.
    You started off very well while in Naguru, I was proud then to tell all who could hear why they should visit your place, not anymore. Even then, many of them did not give great reports of your service, personality and racist tendecies.
    Of the artists you started collaborating with, how many of them do you still have a good working relationship with? There is also a message in there somewhere. And…..Uganda has a saying; There is no smoke without a fire.

    • ADONG says:

      WELL SAID, PAMELA! That’s why I say it’s racism and yours is a classic proof of that. Because the people you were meeting were non black, everything became fine. Before that knowledge, you had let yourself in ‘illegally’ so to speak. I actually say, let’s not stop going at Mish Mash. BECAUSE THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT! For us local Ugandans to stop going d they build they “zungu world”. When we stop, we just play straight into IT!!!

    • Mish Mash Gotta Go says:

      Pamela, we the residents of Naguru are glad they moved off the street!!!! We endured many months of waking up on Sunday mornings and finding you gate has been blocked, being yelled at by them, our front lawn being driven over, even being yelled at by their service providers (a DJ once dared to get into an argument with us).
      Mish Mash left Naguru Hill, Mish mash gotta leave Uganda!

  75. ADONG says:

    I am surprised there are people who are actually apologetic on behalf of Adam and Gen. Do we honestly believe their act was not racist-driven? Please, try going there with a White friend before midday and see if you will get the same treatment Moses and Allan received!

    Also, if it is a lack of customer care, why is it that by far only Ugandans have complained of receiving these ugly treatments? Unless we are saying there is something wrong we Ugandan clients OTHERWISE I have heard loads of complaints even from some very high profile Ugandans about this Mish Mash place. I want to hear or see a Mzungu post that he/she received the same pathetic treatment so I can write off the racism angle to this! Yes, I want to. UNTIL then, please you can go ahead and accuse e of being a racist myself or backward or idiotic or anything….

  76. Allan & Julia you are welcome and thanks. The other suggestion I’d put to MishMash is to work on their communication skills. A physical sign-post that clearly states their policies and house rules might be worth investing in…

    It might be worth giving them a rating on the international stage for their customer care attributes in relation to their stated aims and objectives pertaining to supporting the arts industry of Uganda.

  77. Lou says:

    @ Mishmash,
    If I were in your shoes, I would eat my humble pie and recall that a customer is always right and is the king…literary. I don’t think ur going to win the arguement here. Ur doing more damage to your business.

    How about aknowledging that while u try your utmost best to treat customers well, the services extended to Allan and Moses seem to have be below your expectations..and that ur reviewing the incident with a view of improving your customer service.

    I wd invite Allan & Moses back for a guided tour of the place and personally apologise for any percieved or imagined poor service.

    I think Adam & Genevieve are won
    derful people but we all sometimes wake up on the wrong side of the bed…No excuse for taking it out to the customers. I wd love to visit MishMash whrn I come back home..

    To fellow Ugandans, any mistreatment by somebody of a different race isn’t racism. Stop it.

  78. Barbra says:

    If all you guys come to my shop, 35 VINTAGE STORE at Grand Imperial, you wont be treated as second class citizens!! we value our customers!!

  79. Look people, there’s no smoke without fire. All these stories of native Ugandans being mistreated at Mish Mash by the white owners cannot all be fabricated or exaggerated as implied by some. Allow me add my voice too to those who are against the generalization being done by some here, not all whites are rude and/or racist and there are some rude and/or racist black people.Now, moving on, Allan I do understand that you are simply pointing out their rudeness and not inciting racism but the truth is butt naked right now. So me I’m tired of this I-don’t-wanna-annoy-nobody all too diplomatic beating about the bush, some things are too obvious to ignore or even hide. I know we all know it but some us would rather sugar coat it. Adam and his wife are RACIST. No questions. Now, clarifications. I am saying this on my own behalf and not on behalf of Allan or any one else. So if you want to sue or anything of the sort, you know who to go for. Secondly, I am not implying that all whites, whether in Uganda or abroad or overseas are racist, but these two in particular are racist. Thirdly, I just want to mention that there are many beautiful places where one can get themselves a nice meal, my favorite being Cafe Bravo and many talented designers who can make you a lovely rolex T-shirt from def.ini.tion to JNK and many others so people, whenever you can, don’t put yourselves through this apartheid nonsense, stress cuts your life expectancy big time! Cheers, I remain yours truly, 256 Born&Raised.

  80. bluepetalz says:

    No wonder Ugandans will never develop. All you guys do is criticise even when someone has apologised more than once. Jesus! I am so ashamed of you guys to say the least. What the hell do you want to happen? And might I point out that all this is really going no where but tarnishing us Ugandans. Allan you have made your point quite clearly. I think enough is enough. Let’s act mature and let it rest already. I am certain the management at MishMash has learnt the lesson you intended them to learn.

  81. Monkey says:

    I’m white, I’ve been to MishMash (just saying so that they don’t use that against me) and I agree that they’re most likely simply rude and not exactly business savvy in terms of customer service but not necessarily racist. I would call them exclusionary and&or elitist. There is a feeling that you get when you are there. When you ask artists why they don’t seek a cooperation with MishMash to have their art exhibited, they cite favouritism and/or access only for selected artists (conceivably not only based on merit, but personal ties). And a Muzungu friend tried to promote his restaurant on the FB site Muzungus in Uganda recently – his post was immediatedly deleted by site master Adam. Further, if you do not aim to attract preferably only white people, why did you choose an exclusively white forum (Muzungus in Uganda) as your primary PR platform? A Ugandan friend recently complained that they lacked PR. No, they don’t. They are just not targeting you. … That said I do find it controversial anyway to use a page on the surface dedicated to a community (of white people in Uganda) exclusively for promotion of one business.

    • Becky says:

      Please tell us about your friend’s restaurant so we can all divert,I liked the pancakes at the mishmash but guess I won’t be eating there or taking any friends there again.Blimey,never heard of so many complaints about anyone.

  82. Mish Mash Gotta Go says:

    We the residents of Naguru are glad they moved off the street!!!! We endured many months of waking up on Sunday mornings and finding you gate has been blocked, being yelled at by them, our front lawn being driven over, even being yelled at by their service providers (a DJ once dared to get into an argument with us).
    Mish Mash left Naguru Hill, Mish Mash gotta leave Uganda!

  83. i have read this piece carefully and all i have is pitty for such a couple, they are a ”miss match” that should actually be the name of their bar and their investment is ”misplaced”. here in ug at least one thing we boast of is being courteous people and you can never survive in biz here if you are not, very soon they will wake up to the a shocker and they will be left with no option but to pack their bones and leave us in peace. Perharps more sickening is this thinking whites harbour about Africa, that its only them that can help us discover the treasures that we have, they came with that mentality and managed to colonize, brainwash and make off with our treasurers, hundreds of years down the road they still do this.

  84. mary says:

    totally agree with everything you’ve said. I had gone to perform there and had expensive equipment in my car. was told I couldn’t park inside…fine! the guard helped me park outside. was inside for close to 20 mins…came back and my stuff had been stolen. to cut the long story short, mish mash mgt insinuated I had nothing in my car! never going back there again. poor customer care and huge arrogance!

  85. Baaza says:

    these guys are the most impudent, insolent, stupid arrogant…i have NO KIND WORDS for the management of MISHMASH. the PLACE IWS LOVELY I ABSOLUTELY HATE THE PEEPS i dislike the gurads, the wife of Adam.. they are among the worst managemnt i have dealt with my entire life.
    im sorry i have no kind words for them!!!

  86. Baaza says:

    these guys surely need big big help…..our things were stolen …from there we had gone to perform and they stole our equipment from the car and the most these guys could do was to fabricate stories.. deny we had things in our car, have a guard who kept changing his story every other moment until we had to get a police statement…..they strated to deny everything…then Genevieve all strted acting up… all we were asking from them was a little help since the things had been stolen when it was still light and they had 2 guards on point at that exact time and the car was just a few metres away from the guards it was impossible fir the gurds not to have seen the thieves becuase they were two guards and it were big things that were stolen… and acoustic guitar with a case roughly one metre long………….and the managemnt strted denying us having anything in our car that we were lying to have had instruments!!!!!!!!!
    oh it was so horrible…i used to love that place but my feelings for it fell… and that was the end of it

  87. washindwe kabisa! that is migunonsense!

  88. MazunguinUganda says:

    I have lived in Uganda for about a year and have mixed emotions about the country. I love the beauty and most of the people but the relations between people are so confusing. I started going to Mish Mash due to their art shows and movie showings, and quickly stopped going because everytime I went in, Genvieve always looked super angry. The last time I went, I had ordered a coffee and was trying to use the internet which went down. My server told me he was questioned why I had been there for two hours and only ordered a coffee and asked me to either order more or move. Shortly thereafter, Genvieve came by to speak to someone trying to get items placed into the gift shop and I was amazed at how rude she was to this man. Just absolutely jaw droppingly amazed. I never returned.

    As for the racism, I don’t think Muzungu’s in Uganda was intended to be racist, ex-pats were looking for a forum to connect. The Ugandan lifestyle is very different and being in a new country with a new language can be overwhelming. It helps to have and find friends with similar ideas to support you in transitioning.. I think the name could have been selected differently, maybe Expats in Uganda, but if you think the name was racist then maybe you shouldn’t teach your children to scream “Muzungu” at us. I think that’s the first word many babies learn. Personally, I’m tired of constantly being asked for money and treated differently for being a Muzungu. I can’t even fill up the gas in my car without the attendant answering my questions of “Hello, sebo, how is your day?” with, “Eh, it is okay but I have no money and my children need school fees, you should tip me well.” We are charged more, we are constantly being ripped off and I get so tired of arguing on a daily basis to pay the same amount as Ugandans. My old house girl would leave notes under my pillow case about her struggles and asking for more money(I am perfectly capable of washing my own clothes and laundry but she was provided by my company and often times, the work was done when she arrived and I simply fed her lunch and let her relax for a little bit.) I think charity has ruined Uganda into Muzungus being viewed as easy money, free school fees, and any handout with a sob story. For being a Muzungu, I have been grabbed explicitely and laughed at by a group of boys high fiving each other, I get on a taxi and I get laughed at for being a Muzungu (Yes, I know your language and I know what Ugandans are saying about me, icnluding the guy who had a ten minute conversation about all the ways he wanted to have sex with a fine white woman like me) I have had to pay bribes for nothing at all like my boda driver doing something bad and a traffic cop insinuating it was my responsibility for being his passenger, I could go on and on and on. Being a Muzungu in Uganda is exhausting and we are treated so different.

    I live here now and after coming from America I can tell you the racism debate that seems to constantly be brewing will tear your country apart. I suggest drop the debate and strengthen yourselves to take pride in your own country. That starts by asserting your dominance in a positive manner. I would be more apt to support a Mish-Mash style store that was owned by locals who wanted to promote their own culture.

    • This is the first comment that makes the most sense to me. Yes, being a “Muzungu” in Uganda is not easy, because as children we were brought up with this inferiority complex that the white man is better, wiser, richer than blacks. (am not being racist here). We are fed this rubbish right from nursery. By now I know you aren’t shocked by the difference in treatment. I can only extend my apologies. I should think that you should stick to what you feel is right. Because everytime you accept to pay a bribe, you are encouraging Ugandans to think that it is okay to treat you differently. IT IS NOT OKAY. You do not have to do what you don’t want to do. I have dealt with quite a number of white friends and collegues who won’t give a penny more to a waiter or a fuel attendant and they do not find shame in doing the right thing, because it is the right thing to do. I only wish that you would stop encouraging Ugandans to view whites as freebies, we will NEVER develop this way. I know it is not your fault, but please, the next time a cleaner asks for extra-extra, smile politely and tell them you cannot.

      To the Ugandans, guys who said that you should be the ones going to the cheapest places just because you can not afford the good ones? You deserve to go to porsche places, to enjoy the good things in your country. This country was made for you! It’s funny, most of you would fancy flying out of the country for a vacation instead of going to Mweya Lodge. And I see some of you talking about “patriotism”?? Really???? Lolest!

      Bottom line, I think that we should all try to embrace who we are capable of becoming. It is a pity that it takes a white couple to own a nice joint in town and not an African. I personally recommend the white couple for what they are trying to do. And I apologise on their behalf for any impolite treatment received by clients. No, I am not apart of staff there. Someone wanted an apology, and so it has to be given. Stop bickering about yourselves and go and do something constructive with your lives and for your country.

      Interface Consulting

    • Becky says:

      I do agree with the racist part tearing up the country and Genevieve and Adam have never been rude to me they do seem a little bit angry all the time to be honest but they were nice to me when I asked for help.
      About people telling you their problems,I think you shouldn’t ask someone how they are if you don’t really care or find it a burden,just get to the petrol station say hello 5,000 please and drive out .I live in England,I was having a stroll afew weeks back and some guy stops me says hello and i said hello back and then he tells me how his wife left him,he works 2 jobs and he has child benefits to pay…my point,it’s human to have problems and it maybe weird to share them with a stranger but if someone shows a degree of empathy or shows they care somewhat how you are then its human to share.So if you don’t like it just show no concern,they won’t bother telling you or they just lose interest.
      The sex bit,sorry abt that but same thing.On the tube ,on the street even simple shopping guys look and say things like she is fit and blah blah and these are not Ugandans,it’s just male behavior.Just ignore them.And the kids touch you that way just grab one by the collar or hand,don’t hit him but use a strong tone and tell them you are going to drag them to the police station.He will never mess with you or anyone again and will prolly tell all his friends who will have run off by the time you are done with him.
      The children,yes they call you muzungu not in a racist way because they smile and wave to you and are happy to see you.Most of the kids that will say that are children that have not traveled and see a white person every once in a while and are intrigued not trying to spite you.
      Take care.Cheers

  89. Patrick says:

    I can be stepped on……..but never in my country, was planning to spend my evening there today……..ohhhhhhh #Never visit this place#

  90. kinetic says:

    @MazunguinUganda: I am Ugandan and have also had the good fortune of travelling and living around the world. In response to your experiences in Uganda
    1. There are beggars all over the world
    2. There are men with poor manners all over the world that refer to women in a derogatory manner none worse than in the US who have come up with many ways to refer to women
    3. I was told in NYC by a waiter that I must tip him 5% of the bill. This was not true.
    4. In the west there are even worse names that are used to describe peoples race
    My point is that the examples you are giving are not specifc to Uganda. These issues are seen all over the world.
    Get to know more Ugandans and you will find out that you can’t paint all of them with one brush. There are those of us who have national pride and who dont view you as something alien.

  91. ... says:

    Forgiveness takes courage…
    Sincere forgiveness isn’t colored with expectations that the other person apologize or change. Don’t worry whether or not they finally understand you. Love them and release them
    “We must develop and maintain the capacity to forgive. He who is devoid of the power to forgive is devoid of the power to love.”MLK

  92. Pearl Mamawi says:

    What I got is that Adam Williams is clearly psycho. He needs help. Prayer too.

  93. Pearl Mamawi says:

    Correct me if am wrong but did he not try to block locals people from joining his Muzungus in Uganda page on FB? Am certain I read that somewhere

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