Easter with a tropical feel at Lake Kivu

If you take a close look at your calendar right about now, you can’t fail to hear a small voice in your head whispering, “So what are we doing this Easter?” You may be tempted to respond with, “So who are we?” but this is not a time to argue about pronouns. After all, the Son of God did not die on the cross for you to win arguments about grammar and relationships.

What is clear though is that the first months of the year tend to be quite hectic for almost everyone. From the delightful Christmas break you suddenly find yourself wading through January where for some reason money loves to play and win, hide and seek games.

This is quickly followed by the miniskirt of months called February. Even the extra day in a leap year never seems to count for much.  March follows closely and comes with some goodies. On the eighth day women are celebrated and as far as this year is concerned the Easter package comes in at the end of the month.

We are now in the Holy Week that leads to Easter… an opportune time to give yourself that memorable treat something you can find easily at Lake Kivu Serena. This hotel is found in the lake town of Rubavu (Gisenyi) on the shores of Lake Kivu. This is incredible lake is shared by Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. I call it incredible because it not only oozes of tropical beauty; it also now supplies Rwanda with electricity thanks to its methane gas deposits.

We cannot talk about the beauty of the lake without highlighting how Lake Kivu Serena completes the picture. You see this hotel is sited on white sandy shores with extensive tropical gardens and a refreshing breeze from the lake. If you are looking for an ideal escape from the city buzz to a therapeutic moment by the lake, Lake Kivu Serena is it.


Go on and pretend that you don’t want to be somewhere in that picture right now!

By the way, Lake Kivu Serena is just a stone throw away from Goma (DRC) and a few hours’ drive from Rwanda’s capital, Kigali. If you choose to fly then 20 minutes is all you need. It is so strategic for those who want to see the famous mountain gorillas at the Volcanoes National Park besides just ogling at your hotel room key.


Why stare at a piece of wood when you can see the real Silver-back ?


Rubavu is a now a tourism hot spot on its own and from Lake Kivu Serena you can enjoy boat rides to different islands in the lake, you can take a ride along the Congo Nile Trail or simply stroll along the streets of Rubavu if you are not interested in climbing the nearby Mt. Rubavu for a spectacular view of Gisenyi and Goma.

You don’t even need to leave the hotel in order to get your money’s worth. How about just  letting your hair down, grabbing a drink, kicking off your shoes and throwing on your sunglasses and allowing the sun to kiss your skin as you relax by the beach or take stroll by the lake as the sand caresses your feet?


C’est Magnifique!

This hotel has 66 luxury room, executive suites and family accommodation all with stunning views of the lake. There’s a panoramic restaurant, indoor and beach side bars and a luxury swimming pool (with a baby pool) all offering cool spots for you to drown any stress the city life may have visited on you in recent day.

If and when you go for gorilla trekking, endure a bumpy ride along the Congo Nile Trail or try out the steep climb at Mt. Rubavu then on your return your body can be reset with a relaxing massage or spa thanks to the legendary Maisha Health Centre. This place has the right settings for your comfort (true story!)

There are lots of outdoor games you can try out while at the Lake Kivu Serena like beach volleyball and the little ones have their own play area complete with caretaker staff to ensure their safety. If you’ve read to this point and are still in doubt or you think I am just bored and making this all up then how about you click here. Or simply go and see the place for yourself to prove me wrong. How about that for an Easter challenge? Happy Easter holidays.


About Allan Ssenyonga

I am a Ugandan freelance writer/journalist based in Kigali, Rwanda. I have an insatiable desire for understanding and trying to explain media, political, cultural and social dynamics.
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