At Lake Kivu Serena having fun is not a suggestion but the plan

Every country has its secrets but Rwanda doesn’t seem to have many. The only secret I know of about Rwanda are the street names that even locals have failed to learn since you only see things like KN 3 Av and not the usual Moi avenue or Luwum street. Nothing much else is a secret.

Gorillas cannot have family secrets since at some point in the year we are told which gorilla gave birth to which baby and on which date complete with all the names of the gorillas involved? The recently introduced lions also have names. Imagine being a wild animal but not being able to live anonymously. That must suck, right?

It is also not a secret that if you are trying to Google the “Rwanda + Fun” then you are better off just heading straight to the lake resort town of Rubavu. While in Rubavu you may wonder what to do with your time and money. Simple, the folks at Lake Kivu Serena Resort have had to answer this question so many times that their answers are no longer mere suggestions but plans as well.


Even in Rubavu the Maasai can be seen doing their thing

Lake Kivu Serena is one place where your ‘what-to-do’ questions have detailed answers that are part and parcel of the hotel’s mission. While here, time will be your only enemy. You will wish it can be frozen for you to enjoy some more. You will want the sun to set in slow motion making the golden hour more like a golden evening.


At your service

After an amazing breakfast at Kiyaga restaurant you can embark on a bike excursion around the town on the serene tree lined roads as the lake breeze makes its way to where you are. You can make stopovers at the two border posts with the Democratic Republic of Congo and marvel at the cross-border activity that happens here. Other places to stop at may include the market or the stadium.


Biking on these roads is not exercise but therapy

You can also do the same tour in a car if biking is not your thing. Make it a point to visit the nearby hot springs and let the locals give you a foot massage with the warm water and some herbs to give you back that spring in your step. If you remembered to carry some raw eggs at the hot springs you can be sure to have them as a quick snack. Nature at its finest!


A visit to the nearby  hot spring comes with being treated like royalty

In case you have had a heavy lunch because your eyes got greedy as you selected what to have on your plate then a game of beach football or volleyball could be enough to ease up the digestion. If the game turns into a disturbing reminder of how unfit you are then maybe you needed it or what you actually need is a relaxing massage before a boat ride.


Play in the sand until you can’t see the ball

There is this cool dude called Eric at Lake Kivu Serena who is the go to guy for anything to do with water. No he is not a plumber. He is the guy with a call boat in case you want a boat ride on the Kivu or if you want to do some kayaking. Eric’s boat even has a music system which you are more likely to enjoy when he switches off the boat engine to explain something about the lake.


Captain Eric on his glamourous boat

But who really gets on a boat for the music? Sit back in the leather seats and enjoy the breeze, the stunning views of Rwandan hills or the surreal view of Mt Nyiragongo in DRC as it goes about ignoring the ‘No Smoking in Public’ calls. This active volcano will smoke away without a bother in the world.

Mt Nyirangongo in DRC can be seen clearly while in Rubavu Photo Allan Brian Ssenyonga.JPG

No smoking in public! Says who? 

If mountain climbing is your thing then you can add it to your itinerary. There are also other options like gorilla trekking and embarking on the Congo-Nile rail. Whatever it is you have on your mind, Lake Kivu Serena delivers in being the place to go to or set off from. The beauty of it all is that they will do all the planning for you.


Make the water your play space

You know I didn’t even have to write all this…I could have just summarised it all into the conversation below.
Me: I am looking for fun things to do in Rubavu

Lake Kivu Serena: Say no more!


About Allan Ssenyonga

I am a Ugandan freelance writer/journalist based in Kigali, Rwanda. I have an insatiable desire for understanding and trying to explain media, political, cultural and social dynamics.
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2 Responses to At Lake Kivu Serena having fun is not a suggestion but the plan

  1. tuyidee says:

    Great tips! Aptly written and well told. Bravo

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You’ve literally shown me around through this Allan, what serenity it must be to stay at Lake Kivu Serena! It’s definitely on the list!


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