Wakanow brings travel solutions to East Africa

In the past few years something has been happening around Africa. There is a wave of change in perception and lifestyle. Africans are embracing travel and tourism a lot more. According to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), 2 of the 3 visitors to Sub Saharan African Countries are now other Africans.

Contrary to common perception, it’s Africans that are increasingly driving tourism demand in Africa. Many tourism boards are waking up to this reality and luring Africans to visit other African countries and their own countries. What is not in doubt is that travelling remains a cumbersome endeavour when one thinks about the nightmares caused by visa processes and the damage it sometimes does to one’s pockets.

Enter www.wakanow.co.ke

Wakanow, Africa’s leading online travel portal recently opened shop in Nairobi, Kenya as its base for the wider East African travel market. These guys have obviously noted the travel potential in this region and want to be part of this amazing story going forward. Aware of the challenges faced by travellers, they came with goodies in form of travel solutions to ease the life of those suffering from wanderlust.


The Co-ordinator of the East African Tourism Platform, Carmen Nibigira speaking during the launch of Wakanow Kenya


Solutions like “Pay Small Small” an installment payment system that allows one to pay a down payment for a trip then make the rest of the payments in installments. The service has been a huge hit in other markets and the East African market will be pleased to have it here as well. Many of us give up on our travel dreams soon after looking at the cost but with PSS the burden is spread out and therefore eased. It also makes planning smoother especially for the big holidays like at the end of the year. One can start making payments early and that way your pocket doesn’t suffer a major shock when that time comes around.


The Wakanow Team

Wakanow has also been crucial as far as driving travel traffic from Nigeria and Ghana to East Africa and Kenya in particular. As a region, a good number of the visitors we target are from West Africa. Many West Africans are starting to learn that East Africa is a dream destination after spending years only thinking of Dubai and South Africa among others.


Mr. Obinna Ekezie the Founder and Group Managing Director of Wakanow Ltd

Intra-Africa travel is now the in-thing. The fact that Nigeria alone has a population of over 180 million should be music to the ears of those at the different East African tourism boards. They also have an office in Dubai and another in UK to tap into the high numbers of African Diaspora always willing to visit the motherland. Wakanow will certainly serve as a strong link between East and West. Working together with tour operators, airlines and tourism boards will only lead to growth in numbers and comfort in the travel industry.

Karibuni to East Africa, Wakanow!


About Allan Ssenyonga

I am a Ugandan freelance writer/journalist based in Kigali, Rwanda. I have an insatiable desire for understanding and trying to explain media, political, cultural and social dynamics.
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