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Wakanow brings travel solutions to East Africa

In the past few years something has been happening around Africa. There is a wave of change in perception and lifestyle. Africans are embracing travel and tourism a lot more. According to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development … Continue reading

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Finding the serene secret of the Selous

What do you do with all the time on your hands while on a long trip by bus? Do you pull out a book and devour some chapters before sleep comes knocking? Do you start that awkward conversation with the … Continue reading

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When I toured my country and loved it…

This is a summary of the two stories that appeared in The New Times Newspaper mid November 2015. ( When Uganda showed off its beauty spots and Experiencing Uganda’s remote and adventure-filled treasures) There’s absolutely no doubt that the East Africa region is … Continue reading

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Dear Ugandan Politician…

…a letter from a Digital Youth Although general elections in Uganda are set for early next year, the political games are already intense. The big boss is moving around the country launching everything that can be launched just to get … Continue reading

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Uganda’s media crackdown: Katandika butandisi…

In a poor country like Uganda most people only interact with Hollywood in the ubiquitous video shacks where action-packed movies are screened at a small fee with a video-jockey doing voice-overs in a local language (Luganda). Every now and then, … Continue reading

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